Congratulations to the new PhD Angelo Lucia!

7th July 2016 A member of the group, Angelo Lucia, will defend his PhD thesis, entitled "Stability and area law for rapidly mixing quantum dissipative systems", today at 4:30PM at the Faculty of Mathematics. Best of luck, Angelo!

June 2016 New Ignacio Cirac's Laboratory on mathematics and quantum information at ICMAT, where David Pérez-Garcia is the coordinator. More info here.

4th May 2016 David Pérez-García appears on the cover of the Tribuna Complutense magazine
Cover Tribuna Complutense 4 May 2016

Previous news

22nd September 2016 15:00 
Colloquium Announcement at 
Sala de Conferencias 121, CSIC, Calle Serrano, 113, Madrid
Gavin K. Brennen (Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia): "
Quantum simulations of holographic duality"

21st September 2016 15:00 MathQI Seminar.
Alba Cervera Lierta (Universidad de Barcelona): "Emergence of Symmetry from a Maximal Entanglement Principle"

20th July 2016 12:00 MathQI Seminar.
Barbara Kraus (University of Innsbruck, Asutria): "LOCC transformations among multipartite pure states & entanglement measures".