By using random matrix models Perez-García and Tierz uncover in their new paper in PRX a connection between the low energy sector of four dimensional QCD at finite volume and the Heisenberg XX model in a 1d spin chain. This connection allows them to relate crucial properties of QCD with physically meaningful properties of the spin chain, establishing a dictionary between both worlds. They predict for the spin chain a third-order phase transition and a Tracy-Widom law in the transition region. Finally they comment on possible numerical implications of the connection as well as on possible experimental implementations.
Carlos González defended his PhD dissertation. Congratulations to the new doctor!

Carlos Fernández defended his PhD dissertation. 


The paper: "Phase Stabilization of a Frequency Comb using Multipulse Quantum Interferometry" was published in PRL.

The paper: "Lieb-Robinson bounds for spin-boson lattice models and trapped ions" was published in PRL.