6th Oct 2016 David Pérez-García writes an article at El País about the recently awarded Nobel Prize in Physics. Read the article here.

15th Sep 2016 Welcome to our team, Cécilia Lancien! Cécilia just joined us as a researcher in our group.

Congratulations to the new PhD Angelo Lucia!

7th July 2016 A member of the group, Angelo Lucia, will defend his PhD thesis, entitled "Stability and area law for rapidly mixing quantum dissipative systems", today at 4:30PM at the Faculty of Mathematics. Best of luck, Angelo!

June 2016 New Ignacio Cirac's Laboratory on mathematics and quantum information at ICMAT, where David Pérez-Garcia is the coordinator. More info here.

4th May 2016 David Pérez-García appears on the cover of the Tribuna Complutense magazine
Cover Tribuna Complutense 4 May 2016

Previous news

19th October 2016 10:00 MathQI Seminar.
Julio de Vicente (UC3M): "Pure-state entanglement transformations: SEP, finite-round LOCC and infinite-round LOCC"

13th October 2016 10:00 MathQI Seminar.
Abderramán Amr Rey (UCM): "de Finette reductions for correlations" (arxiv 1308.0312)

22nd September 2016 15:00 
Colloquium Announcement at 
Sala de Conferencias 121, CSIC, Calle Serrano, 113, Madrid
Gavin K. Brennen (Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia): "
Quantum simulations of holographic duality"