The physics of many materials is modeled by quantum many-body systems with local interactions. If the model of the system is sensitive to noise from the environment, or small perturbations to the original interactions, it will not properly model the robustness of the real physical system it aims to describe, or be useful when engineering novel systems for quantum information processing. A. Lucia, T. S. Cubitt, S. Michalakis and D. Pérez-García show  in 10.1007/s00220-015-2355-3 and 10.1103/physreva.91.040302 that local observables and correlation functions of local Liouvillians are stable to local perturbations if the dynamics is rapidly mixing and has a unique fixed point. No other condition is required.
New positions in the group: PhD, Postdoc and Senior Postdoc.
Topics: mathematical problems arising in quantum many body systems, mainly in the context of Tensor Network States. 
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Presentations at TQC2015Sampling quantum nonlocal correlations with high probability and Area law for fixed points of rapidly mixing dissipative quantum systems.

David Pérez has been awarded an ERC Consolidator grant, for the project Spectral gaps in interacting quantum systems.

Carlos González defended his PhD dissertation. Congratulations to the new doctor!