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November 2017
  • D. Pérez-García receives the "Miguel Catalán" 2017 prize to investigators under 40. Congratulations!!!
June 2017

March 2017
  • David Pérez-García talks about "Undecidability in physics... and its consequences" at the Département de Physique's Colloquium at Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris. Watch the video here.


714h February 2018 15:00 MathQI Seminar
Johannes Bausch: "Classifying Data using Hamiltonian Ground States".

7th February 2018 15:00 MathQI Seminar
Giannicola Scarpa: "A quantum-inspired model in decision theory".

19th December 2017 14:30 MathQI Seminar
Cécilia Lancien: "Approximating any quantum channel by a quantum channel with few Kraus operators".

30th November 2017 14:30 MathQI Seminar
Andras Molnar: "Canonical forms for G-injective PEPS".

23rd November 2017 14:30 MathQI Seminar
Andrea Coser: "A tentative definition of phases for open quantum systems".

16th November 2017 14:30 MathQI Seminar
Alonso Botero: "Universal and distorsion-free multiparlite entanglement concentration of multiqubit states in the W class".

7th November 2017 11:30 MathQI Seminar
Aleksander Marcin Kubicki: "Optimality of Programmable Quantum Processors".

31st October 2017 11:30 MathQI Seminar
David Pérez García: "The fundamental theorem of Matrix Product States"

15th June 2017 13:00 Colloquium
Antonio Pérez (Universidad de Murcia): "Analysis of real functions on Boolean cubes"

26th April 2017 15:30 MathQI Seminar
José Garre Rubio (UCM/ICMAT): "Symmetry reduction induced by anyon condensation: a tensor network approach"

19th April 2017 15:30 MathQI Seminar
Sofyan Iblisdir (UCM/ICMAT): TBA

5th April 2017 15:30 MathQI Seminar
Angela Capel Cuevas (ICMAT): "Quasi-factorization of the quantum relative entropy"