4th May 2016 David Pérez-García appears on the cover of the Tribuna Complutense magazine
Cover Tribuna Complutense 4 May 2016

12th Apr 2016 David Pérez-García talks about Size-driven quantum phase transitions at Q+ Hangouts. More info.


22nd Jun 2016 16:00 MathQI Seminar.
Ignacio Villanueva-Díez"Binary constraint systems, groups and Tsireltson’s problem".

15th Jun 2016 16:00 MathQI Seminar.
Giannicola Scarpa: "Classical Verification of Quantum Proofs, Zhengfeng Ji, arXiv:1505.07432".

8th Jun 2016 16:00 MathQI Seminar.
David Pérez-García"The asymptotics of quantum max-flow min-cut".

31st May 2016 16:00 MathQI Colloquium.
Benoît Douçot (CNRS/U. Pierre et Marie Curie, France): "Spin textures in quantum Hall ferromagnets"
Please note: the colloquium will take place at Room Miguel de Guzmán (Faculty of Mathematics).

18th May 2016 16:00 MathQI Seminar.
Chris Self (University of Leeds): "Ising anyons at finite temperature".