The group "Matemáticas e Información Cuántica" started in 2006 with the aim of exploiting the relations between Mathematics and Quantum Information. Currently it is formed by 2 senior members, 8 researchers and 4 PhD students. Concerning financial support, the group has now a grant from Plan Nacional de I+D, one European Grant and one grant from Comunidad de Madrid.
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In PRL 112 073603 (2014) Cadarso et al. describe new quantum protocols for the determination of the carrier-envelope offset phase of a frequency comb, using a qubit coherence as a reference, and without the need of frequency doubling or an octave spanning comb.
The paper: "Phase Stabilization of a Frequency Comb using Multipulse Quantum Interferometry" was published in PRL.

The paper: "Lieb-Robinson bounds for spin-boson lattice models and trapped ions" was published in PRL.

Carlos Palazuelos was awarded a Ramón y Cajal fellowship.

The paper: "Existence of an information unit as a postulate of quantum theory" was published in PNAS.